A property surveyor use special equipment to record the boundaries and physical state of a piece of land. Why should you consider getting a land survey? A land surveys does more than just establish the boundaries of a property, it provides a record of the physical state of the property and of the rights that go with it. These included physical things like fences and drain pipes, as well as hidden things such as utility easements. Even though the boundaries of the land don’t change, things on the property and on the adjacent properties could have. An old survey won’t reflect any of this new information, such as the neighbor installing a new fence. A survey is needed to determine whose property the fence is on. Also, to obtain the best title policy on the home, you should have a survey done. With financing a survey is required. Below are several surveyors to choose from. If your home is located in a Flood Zone, you should request an Elevation Certificate with the Survey. The Elevation Certificate is required to get an accurate Flood Insurance quote and policy.

Lee County Surveyors

Allen Surveys – Phone: 239-242-0097
Davis Surveying – Phone: 239-549-6454
Dove Associates – Phone: 239-332-7500
Harris Jorgensen – Phone: 239-772-9939

Charlotte County Surveyors

Meillo and Platt – Phone: 941-505-0366
Meridian Group – Phone: 941-766-0011
All Service Land Surveying – Phone: 941-629-6801