This blog post details a very sophisticated phishing scam I got in my email. Below is the email chain I received from the scammer asking about New Homes. I responded to their cryptic 1st email and this email message is their response.


Good day Drake,

Sorry for my late reply i was away for New year celebration and medical surgery. I’m ready to purchase my new Year home. Please find new listing and letter from lender below.

HOME LISTING’S <— This was a link to the phishing website
PRE-EQUAL <— This was a link to the phishing website

Hope to chat soon.

Jonathan Brown.
(719) 398-0941 <— This Phone rings to an anonymous number


When I click on one of the secure web https links in the email, I got the web page shown below.

When I click on one of the email login buttons shown on the website, I got the web page shown below.

The image looks exactly what a Google login page would look like, however, if I continued and enter my email address and password, I could be giving the scammer full access to my email account.

One way to prevent this from happening is to make sure you add the 2-Step Verification for your email login access.

Here are the links to get 2-Step Verification for several popular email services.

Office 365 2-Step Verification

Outlook 2-Step Verification

Google 2-Step Verification

Yahoo 2-Step Verification

AOL 2-Step Verification

Facebook 2-Step Verification

I hope the above information can help you avoid having your email address stolen from you!