Water should have no taste or odor. Our city water had both, a chlorine odor and taste. To resolve the issue with the odor and taste we installed a carbon water filtration system.

We installed a primary carbon filter (Large black cylinder) and a 2nd stage filter (smaller blue cylinder) to catch any fine material before it enters the house plumbing. The primary filter has 1.5 cubic feet of granular activated carbon and the 2nd stage filter uses a 4.5″ by 20″ pleated, 5 micron cleanable cartridges. Ball valves were used to bypass the filters when needed. Couplers were used to make it easier to disassemble the pipes to work on the filters. I have painted the pipes and also installed a PVC screen to shade the filter from the Florida sun.

Be sure to check with your local water utility to see if they require a backflow prevention valve. I would also recommend you ask the water utility to come out to turn off the water at the meter so that you can see what type of tool is required. I would then purchase the appropriate tool so that you can shut off your water in an emergency.

The cost for parts is around $450.00 and we paid $150.00 to have a plumber install the filter professionally. I saved money on the installation as I had all the parts needed to complete the job.

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