MLS Portal Selections

Assigning Categories in the MLS Portal

I wanted to share a tip when looking at property sent to you from the MLS Portal searches. When you get a listing to see via email, click on the property link, then after evaluating the listing, you can select the “Heart Icon” and select from three options. The options are shown in the above image.
You can use the “Save as Favorite” selection to add a red heart icon that signifies that you like the property.
You can use the “Save as Possibility” selection to add a yellow heart to signify to sort of like the property and need to research it further.
You can also use the “Discard Listing” selection to add a “Trash Can” icon to signify that you do not like the property.
The search results in the Portal can be searched by theses categories. You can change a listing’s status by selecting the “Heart Icon and again and making a different selection. When you discard a listing, you will no longer get status updates for it in emails.

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